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Cyprus Flag - introduction
The flag of Cyprus (Greek: Σημαία της Κύπρου simea tis Kipru, Turkish: Kıbrıs bayrağı) is a white field with a copper-orange colored map of the island above two green crossed olive branches in the center of the flag
Cyprus Flag - Colors
Copper-orange: (RGB: 243, 174, 55) (hex code: #F3AE37)
Green: (RGB: 0, 131, 72) (hex code: #008348)
White: (RGB: 255, 255, 255) (hex code: #FFFFFF)

Cyprus Flag - Colors meaning & symbolism
Cyprus map in copper-orange color symbolizes Cyprus and its large deposits of copper ore (The name Cyprus is derived from the Greek word for copper 'Kypros')
Two olive branches represents peace between and Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots
White symbolizes purity and peace
Cyprus Flag - Facts
The flag of Cyprus was designed by Turkish Cypriot art teacher İsmet Güney
Under the constitution of Cyprus, flag of Cyprus should not include either blue or red colours (the colours of the flag of Greece and the flag of Turkey), nor portray a cross or a crescent
In 1974, Turkish forces occupied the northern part of the island of Cyprus, forming the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.” Turkish-Cypriots living in the northern part of the island use the Flag of Northern Cyprus
Under the terms of the Annan Plan for Cyprus, a United Nations proposal to settle the Cyprus dispute, a new national flag would have been adopted by a reconstituted confederal republic of Cyprus.

Cyprus Flag - Images | Pictures
Cyprus Flag - Images | Pictures
Cyprus Flag - Images | Pictures
Flag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Proposed flag of the United Cyprus Republic